Data concentrator with MBus feature for smart metering application and industrial automation

Wireless router
Data concentrator
4G LTE access
LTE 4G/ LTE450
4x Ethernet
4x Ethernet
RS485 / 2DI
MBus connection
MBus connection

Designed specifically for industrial use, the PRO4 DCU MBUS offers reliable, secure high-speed wireless connectivity and remote access. It enables the integration of various industrial applications such as smart metering, industrial automation, substation management or the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

It comes with all the interfaces, protocols and management functions desirable in the world of industrial automation and smart grids. It is the preferred choice for mission-critical cellular communications of many large energy companies and IoT system integrators.

Cellular routers are highly effective for the implementation of reliable and extremely secure communications networks for remote substation SCADA, distribution automation, and metering applications. The routers collect data via Ethernet, RS485, Digital Inputs or Mbus and send it to a central server through the encrypted LTE cellular networks. For maximum security, OpenVPN, IPSec VPN services and firewall are also available. For higher levels of reliability, our cellular routers may be equipped with two SIM cards.

The PRO4 has a modular design, meaning that there are options for expansions. By default, it has 2 SIM card slots, 4 Ethernet ports, RS485 interface (terminal block), a microSD card slot, and a uUSB port for configuration and OTG functions. The open-source, Linux-based operating system OpenWrt® (optionally Debian) allows users to develop and run their own applications on the platform. It comes in an IP51 housing, supports DIN-rail, and the ports can be protected under sealable terminal cover.

Supports the most important industrial and network protocols like TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Modbus Gateway, Mbus, MQTT, LwM2M etc. We also offer customization (protocols, interfaces, modules etc.) for large projects.

The M2M PRO4 MBUS has full remote access, monitoring and maintenance features.

Thanks to our Automatic Modbus Data Acquirer System (application developed for Modbus data collection) this router can also be used as a data concentrator.


Device Manager

On-demand OTA firmware and software upgrades may be remotely and securely uploaded to the cellular router from any point within the user’s network. The Windows-based Device Manager software allows faster deployment and guarantees the secure and proper functioning of the routers. State-of-the-art management functionalities including rapid device onboarding with bulk provisioning, easy administration, in-depth visibility of device status and, its performance metrics and security issues, logical groupings of devices into hierarchical structures for mass software and firmware updates.

m2m device manager

Our remote device management solution offers state-of-the-art management functionalities including rapid device onboarding with bulk provisioning, easy administration, in-depth visibility of device status, its performance metrics and security issues, logical groupings of devices into hierarchical structures for mass software and firmware updates.

Microsoft Windows-based application hosted on-premise for high security and continuous remote management of IoT devices (routers, modems etc.). Ideal for enterprise or government deployments with strict ICT policies.


Main features

  • Power: 230VAC
  • Onboard cellular module (LTE 4G/3G/2G or Cat.M1/2G)
  • 4 Ethernet ports (RJ45, LAN, 10/100Mbit)
  • RS485 port (terminal block)
  • 2 mini-SIM card slots (2FF)
  • 2 x Digital Input (terminal block)
  • Mbus (5-50 slaves)
  • micro-SD card slot
  • micro-USB configuration port
  • Supercapacitor (against small power outages)


Software / Operation

  • Transparent & secure wireless data transmission
  • Modbus TCP/IP Gateway (Scada connection)
  • M-Bus, Modbus communication
  • MQTT, LwM2M
  • Linux-based OpenWrt® operating system
  • Remote software updates and configuration
  • Safety, networking and management protocols



Design and outfit

  • IP51 enclosure, fit to DIN-rail
  • Industrial standard interfaces are presented, the ports can be protected by the sealable terminal cover



  • MBus meters and MBus sensors
  • Scada and metering systems


OpenWrt system

  • Web interface, Linux CLI, UCI
  • Security: Firewall, diagnostic, monitoring of operation parameters, IEE 802.1x encryption, AES128
  • AES256 encryption, super-capacitor component against short power outages, remote reboot and maintainance, remote voice call
  • Protocols: DHCP, DynDNS, IP route, NAT, IPv4/IPv6, FTP, SFTP, SNTP, NTP, HTTP/HTTPS,  SSHv2, IP passthrough, IPSec, OpenVPN
  • Management: SNMPv3 protocol, Device Manager® software (optional management/configuration/updates)
  • Scada Protocols: Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU
  • M-Bus master protocol


Technical data


Product Datasheet

Quick Guide

Installation Guide

User Manual (OpenWrt)

UCI Command Line Reference

EasyCwmp Command Line Reference

License Notice – GNU General Public License Notice

License Notice – License Notice of Vovida Software

Firmware (2021-05-12)

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The remote management and maintenance of an IIoT solution can be a real challenge. Improve the network availability and operational efficiency of your fleet!

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