NB-IoT Data Logger for Smart Water Metering

Cellular data logger, pulse signal counter and transmitter modem for smart water metering. Independent operation, long-life battery. Remote water meter reading via pulse output (S0).

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Connected to the meter’s standard pulse output (SO) or pulse generator, it acts as a pulse signal counter / data logger and transmitter modem. It collects the consumption values and sends the data through the NB-IoT cellular network to the data center, or HES.

This device can be used to read consumption data from any meter with a pulse output.

This smart water modem has a standalone and intermittent operation. It reads the meter data in “sleep mode”, wakes up at preconfigured periods and uses the NB-IoT network to transfer the data to the Head-end System (HES) via FTP or TCP/IP in XML or JSON formats using MQTT or LwM2M protocols.

The NB-IoT technology allows for ultra low-power consumption which means the internal battery provides a long, 10 years lifetime for the device, and deep penetration into concrete manholes that gives access to the meters installed on pipiles, buildings, basements or cellars.

In order to deliver data at optimal frequency the product can be customized with highly configurable data transmission and threshold alarm settings.

With the over the air (OTA) protocol, the device can be configured and the firmware can be updated remotely without the need to send experts to the field, using our WM-I Term software.



  • Data logging: continuous pulse signal collection, counting
  • Scheduled data sending via LTE Cat.NB network
  • FTP „push” or TCP/IP data sending
  • SHA-256 data encryption



  • Tamper switch (top cover removal detection)
  • Acceleration and motion detection
  • Leak detection, excessive flow/consumption detection
  • Battery capacity monitoring



  • IP67 waterproof design
  • Internal battery for more than 10 years of lifetime
  • Additional extendable flash memory (order option)
  • WM-I Term software (remote configuration, schedule of wake-up / data sending intervals, firmware updates)



Technical details


  • Independent operation, server connection (FTP, TCP/IP)
  • Safe and encrypted local storage of consumption data
  • Schedulable intervals for data storage and sending
  • Data upload through FTP, TCP/IP in XML or JSON format via the NB-IoT network (messages can be sent via the MQTT or LwM2M protocols)
  • Alert features and alert notification
  • WM-I Term software (configuration, firmware updates)



  • Universal connection for energy meters, sensors for the pulse signal capable meters
  • Internal serial connection (for local configuration)
  • DC powered internal battery (with capacity measurement and battery status monitoring)
  • External antenna with coaxial cable / internal SIM



  • IP67 protected, sealable enclosure with fasteners
  • Acceleration and motion sensor


Technical data



User Manual

WM-I2 Term configuration software