M2M Industrial Router Control Box

Cellular based relay switch for universal industrial applications

Publis street light
Relay switching
2G, 4G LTE, LTE Cat-M
Remote Control
Switching Schedule
OSLP Protocol
Fault Monitoring

Simple, but versatile solution suitable for a wide range of IIoT applications. Our device seamlessly integrates a cellular modem with a 4-relay switch in a compact design. Operators can effortlessly connect via the cellular network to remotely control equipment connected to the relays, either on-demand or based on a predefined schedule.

Our integrated 4-relay load control switch offers a streamlined and cost-efficient approach to remotely managing connected devices. This all-in-one solution, combining a switch with a modem, enables optimal power consumption in closed distribution systems across industrial, agricultural, and various other sectors, leading to significant financial savings.


The Modern Substitute for Legacy Ripple Control Systems

First-generation ripple control systems were limited by one-way communication, with which centralized load control and peak shaving have been performed for many years. Modern real-time Distribution Automation applications and advanced metering solutions require two-way communication and higher data rates than what second-generation PLC systems can deliver. Standardized cellular networks operating in licensed bands constitute a promising technology to address all the performance limitations of other wireless technologies for both metering and DA applications.


Smart Grid – Load Management

Load management has a crucial role in the future of energy management systems. It allows utilities and smart grid operators to balance the supply with the electrical load by controlling the load rather than the power station output. Our product is suitable for all kinds of smart grid applications.

Solar farm operators for the remote control of inverters, in order to balance supply to the demand.

As part of a Demand Response Systems (DR), our load control switch can be used to monitor energy usage in the area and automatically switch off equipment with high consumption such as water heaters or HVAC systems when demand spikes. The 4 relays of the switch can be configured to control electric loads.


Street Light Management

This product enables operators to control public lighting remotely. Upgrade your street light control cabinets with smart features by adding our Load Control Box. It allows fine-tuned control and supervision of all the components including lamps and dimming light intensity to each of the electric cabinets according to particular needs. One box is able to control 4 street lamp groups, which can accommodate hundreds of lamps. This can be done on-demand or according to a scheduled program.


In each control cabinet, our solution provides the following features for maximum smart integration:

  • Street Light control & switching
  • Data collection
  • Switching and operation status
  • Data exchange with OSLP compatible software
  • Scheduled operation / on-demand manual control


Along with these features, advanced monitoring and management processes are included:

  • Power consumption
  • Lamp failure detection
  • Remote management and maintenance
  • IEC 1107 / OSLP protocol

Customization is available!



  • Central switching and control for authorized persons only
  • 4pcs relays to control (2-3 way mode switching)
  • Physical inputs:
    • Ethernet
    • RS485
    • P1 interface (RJ45) with 5V DC power output
  • Supercapacitor to protect against outages
  • IEC 1107 / OSLP protocol support
  • Manual light switching / scheduled switching
  • Automated operation depending on weekdays/sunset/geo-position – or on-demand
  • Event and operation monitoring and reporting
  • OpenWRT operation system (Linux-based device operating software, web UI)
  • Remote parametrizing, FW updates, reboot
  • microSD card slot
  • Security features (IPSec, SSH, TLS)



Technical features

  • Cellular module order options:
    • LTE Cat.1 module with 2G or 2G/3G “fallback” feature
    • LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB modules with 2G “fallback” option
  • Physical ports:
    • Ethernet (RJ45, LAN)
    • RS485/IEC-1107 interface (isolated) – for meters
    • P1 interface (RJ45, for meter) with 5V DC power output
  • 4pcs relay outputs (250V AC, 50-60Hz / 16A) for switching – latching relays with 2 switch modes:
    • 2 relays: COM, NC
    • 2 relays: COM, NC, NO
  • Supercapacitor (for safe shutdown in case of power outage)
  • micro-SD card slot (by order option)
  • IP52 enclosure, built-in mounting
  • Status LEDs (relay status, operation)


    Street Light Control software

    • Street Light Control and Load Management features
    • Scalable smart grid control and public lighting systems control
    • IEC 1107 / OSLP open protocol (device-server) communication
    • Supplier requested on-demand central lighting control
    • Scheduled and manual switching
    • Handling time zones, daylight saving
    • Monitoring operation, event reporting, outage management
    • Authorized access and control
    • Alerts (outages, consumption reductions, energy falls)


    Operation system

    • OpenWRT system: Linux-based operattion system, webGUI user interface
    • Protocols: DHCP, DynDNS, IP route, NAT, IPv4/IPv6, IP passthrough, HTTP(S), SSHv2, IPSec, IEC 1107, OSLP, TLS v1.2
    • Management: Device Manager software (remote configuration, firmware updates, QoS)



    • High-secure communication with TLS v1.2 protocol
    • Supercapacitor for safe shutdown / against small power outages
    • Time synchronisation / NTP client / RTC
    • Firewall
    • Event memory (power failures, switching)


    Technical data

    Load Control Box

    Product Datasheet

    Installation Guide

    User Manual

    Quick Guide

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    The remote management and maintenance of an IIoT solution can be a real challenge. Improve the network availability and operational efficiency of your fleet!

    WM-E3S Modem for Elster AS smart meter family

    Cellular modem specifically designed for Honeywell AS220/AS230/AS300 and AS1440, AS3000/AS3500 electricity meters. Available for LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.4, Cat.M / Cat.NB networks.

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