Rugged cellular modem for Industrial IoT applications offering the latest, future-proof connectivity. It can be ordered with LTE Cat.1, Cat.M, Cat.NB module and is backwards compatible with EGPRS (2G). 

Offering an extremely long lifetime and easy deployment, it is the perfect upgrade for your existing 2G/3G modems.

Our Modbus TCP modems provide transparent RS485 Modbus communication with various industrial IoT applications like vending machines, smart metering, factory or building automation, and more.

The PLC connected external devices are ideal and cost-effective choices for an industrial system. It is the perfect solution for monitoring transparent or Modbus TCP/RTU communication.

This universal, independent device can be attached to any RS485 MODBUS device externally.


Industrial RS485 Modbus/TCP modem for remote monitoring of industrial devices

IoT LTE Modem PRO4

Transparent cellular modem for smart metering, remote access of utility meters, PLCs and industrial devices


Universal cellular modem for industrial automation. Available for LTE Cat.1, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE Cat.M and Cat.NB networks.

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