We offer cellular IoT communication devices, DCUs, and other products that are the building blocks of any IoT solution.
These solutions allow the digital transformation of the electrical grid, factories, buildings, cities making them smarter and more efficient.


As IoT developers, we have vast experience in smart safety solutions. The best security systems connect alarms with cellular monitoring systems, and our cellular-based signal transmitter provide a reliable, cost-efficient way to transmit alarm signals via mobile networks from the control panel to the security company’s alarm monitoring center.

Upgrading your security system from landline to cellular communications has huge benefits:

  • Cost Savings: no need to pay for a landline
  • Improved Security: jamming detection, faster signal transmission and no risk of cut landlines
  • Better Reliability: mobile networks offer continuous monitoring of the transmission channel

We offer cellular communication devices (router and signal transmitter) specifically designed for burglar alarm and video surveillance systems.

Our products are used by the largest safety solution providers around the world.

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Most electricity, gas, and water meters are designed to have a 15-20 year lifetime. However, communication technologies in smart meters are developing rapidly! Omit the high cost of changing meters by adding a low cost modem instead.

Upgrade your smart meter modems to the latest cellular technologies like 4G LTE or Cat-M to provide future-proof communications for your smart metering infrastructure.

We offer a wide range of smart metering communication technologies for electricity and water metering.

Our modems and routers are used all around the world in AMI/AMR (Automated Meter Readout and Automated Metering Infrastructure) solutions.

We offer modems fully compatible with leading meter manufacturers (Landis+Gyr, Itron, Elster/Honeywell, Saphir, PME-PMI, etc.)

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The ultimate goal of any industrial automation project is to improve operational efficiencies by increasing profit and revenues and lower operational expenses.

Smart machines are better than human beings at consistently capturing and communicating accurate data, enabling companies to identify inefficiencies in their process, and isolating problems sooner, saving time and money, and supporting business intelligence efforts.

Cellular was the first communication technology to allow the adoption of early industrial (IIoT) applications and today the latest mobile communication technologies such as NB-IoT, LTE-M / Cat-M are key enablers of the ongoing industrial automation (Industry 4.0).

We offer future-proof communication devices with 4G LTE connectivity tailored for industry digitalization.

Products support wide-spread industry protocols (Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Mbus etc.) and are compatible with the systems of major PLC manufacturers (SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, OMRON etc.) and SCADA systems.

Rugged, industrial-grade design guarantees reliability even in harsh industrial environments.

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Smart grid communications are considered to be one of the most mission-critical connections, and they need to be secure and highly reliable.

Today’s cellular technologies (4G LTE, LTE-M, etc.) provide a level of security, scalability, and reliability that satisfies the requirements of a highly dynamic smart grid. 4G LTE IoT devices are considered future-proof, as LTE-M and NB-IoT devices are expected to work with 5G networks using the non-standalone (NSA) architecture.

We offer products with the latest LTE technologies to be used in multiple smart grid applications such as substation automation, transformer monitoring/management, overhead monitoring, load management, or integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as in solar systems.

Another important part of the smart grid is remote, automated management of public street lighting, which allows operators to achieve significant cost efficiency.

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