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Solutions for smart metering and remote control of electricity meters and water meters. Accurate measurement of consumption for billing, data security and compliance.

Intelligent devices like  smart meters are typical Machine-to-Machine communication devices (M2M). Cellular communications are the de facto solutions for M2M communication. Next generation cellular communication devices that are at the heart of any modern AMI/AMR infrastructure. It’s not surprising most DSOs today use cellular modems or modules in their smart meters.

We offer state-of-the art cellular communication devices for electricity and water metering!

Smart metering is crucial not only for billing purposes, but most importantly to gain actionable insight about the demand on the grid in order to be able to balance it better with supply. Smart metering begins with communication devices that collect and send data to a central management planform. Today, cellular IoT technologies such as NB-IoT and Cat-M1 allow massive smart metering systems to operate reliably and cost efficiently.

We offer cellular IoT communication devices for smart metering solutions. Modems and routers allow for Automated Meter Reading (AMR) of electricity and water meters!

You can also build infrastructure – by combining with our data concentrators, routers –  to collect  and send data to the central head-end-system (HES) or a database.

Our modems were specifically designed for the electricity meters of large manufacturers (Elster®, Honeywell®Itrón®Landis+Gyr® and EMH®). These modems are at the heart of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) of public utility companies.

The modems connect to the meters, read the consumption data (through RS232/RS485), and send them to the data center via cellular networks, while providing remote access and monitoring features for the head-end systems. Features include transparent push data sending, pull on-demand requests, scheduled readouts, and  meter data downloads, and more.

Some of our modems support the multi-meter connection, allowing to connect multiple meters to one modem.

The meters are connected via RS485 and the modem sends the data from a single “master” meter.

This is a cost-effective solution when implementing an automated energy metering system.

Discover our electricity metering modem product families:

Key Features

  • The modem can fit into the meter enclosure where it can be securely fastened
  • Design and connectivity satisfy meter manufacturer standards
  • Separated and sealed isolation from meter
  • Power supply from the metrology (AC or DC power)
  • Optional surge protection from 4kV up to 12kV
  • Super-capacitor option can be ordered – protection against possible electricity network outages and LastGasp functionality
  • RS232/RS485 (2 or 4 wire) connection
  • Remote meter readout („Push” or „Pull” method)
  • IEC 62056-21 protocol
  • CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / LTE 450 / Narrow-Band module options
  • Scheduled data sending or triggered by an alarm or SMS
  • High availability
  • Immediate alarm notification
  • Operated from a private network with NAT, or a modem connected to the HES (Head End System)
  • Public and dynamic IP SIM support using M2M Appliance Server
  • Data logging and encryption
  • Remote configuration and firmware upgrade (singular or mass update)
  • Remote access and download of data (load profile, settings, values, event log, alarms)
  • Free, downloadable configuration tools
  • Operation LED signals, certifications



    • Utility companies


    • Residential communities


    • Energetics

One of the main challenges water companies face today is what the industry calls Non-Revenue Water, the quantity of water lost due leakage and theft.

The right information at the right time enables the right decisions. Digitalisation and intelligent use of data make it possible to improve operational efficiency as never before.

We solve the limitations of network construction in legacy two-hop networks LoRa or RF.  These traditional technologies operate on unlicensed spectrum, which may cause channel interference among different applications, such as water, electricity metering or public street lighting.

NB-IoT offers deep coverage and massive connections with low power consumption. It is an ideal network communications technology for the smart water solution.

Our data logger receives pulse signals, Mbus data simultaneously and periodically sends them to the data center on the NB-IoT / Cat.M network. The device is powered by a long-life battery solution.

It supports the modern IoT transportation protocols such as the MQTT and LwM2M.

Our Device Manager software adds true value to any smart water metering solution. Using a Windows-based remote device management platform, you have continuous access to your devices.

We also provide a simple Grafana framework for the visualization of water metering data.

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WM-E1S Modem for Honeywell, Elster Meters

Cellular modem for Honeywell / Elster, Itron, Landis+Gyr electricity meters. Available for LTE Cat.4, LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.4, Cat.M and Cat.NB networks

WM-E1SL Modem for Landis Meters

Cellular modem for Landis+Gyr E350, E450 (ZMD310, ZMD410 type) and E650 type electricity meters – for 4G LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, Cat.M and Cat.NB networks

WM-E1S Modem for SAPHIR Meters

Cellular modem specifically designed for SAPHIR meters. Available for LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.4, Cat.M / Cat.NB networks.

WM-E1S Modem for SL7000 Meters

Cellular modem specifically designed for the Itron SL7000 electricity meters. Available for LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.4, Cat.M / Cat.NB networks.

WM-E2S Modem for Itron Meters

Cellular modem specifically designed for the Itron ACE6000, ACE8000 and SL7000 electricity meters. Available for 2G, LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.M/Cat.NB, LTE Cat.M 450MHz networks.

WM-E2S Modem for PME-PMI Meters

Cellular modem specifically designed for PME-PMI meters. Available for LTE Cat.4 / 3G / 2G, LTE Cat.1 / 2G, LTE Cat.M and Cat.NB / 2G networks.

WM-E2SL Modem for Landis+Gyr Meters

Cellular modem for Landis+Gyr E350, E450, E550 (type ZxG 3xx and ZxG 4xx) electricity meters – for 2G, LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB, and LTE Cat.M 450MHz networks

WM-E3S Modem for Elster AS smart meter family

Cellular modem specifically designed for Honeywell AS220/AS230/AS300 and AS1440, AS3000/AS3500 electricity meters. Available for LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.4, Cat.M / Cat.NB networks.


Cellular modem specifically designed for the Honeywell AS3000 and AS3500 MBUS electricity meters. Available for LTE Cat.4 / 3G / 2G networks.


Universal cellular modem for industrial automation with RS232 and RS485 cable. Available for LTE Cat.1, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE Cat.M and Cat.NB networks.


External transparent modem for universal meter connection. Available for LTE Cat.1 / Cat.M / 2G networks with 450MHz support.


Best-seller basic, rugged industrial IoT router with wireless Mbus DCU features

IoT Router / Gateway PRO4 for Industrial Use

Industrial cellular router, gateway and data concentrator developed specifically for IoT and IIoT applications


Data concentrator with MBus feature for smart metering application and industrial automation

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