GSM / GPRS / 3G / 4G Transmitter for Security Alarms

The speed and reliability of alarm signal transmission are critical for security systems. Our cellular alarm communicator use the GSM / GPRS / 3G / 4G  networks to send alarm signals to dispatch centers. There is universal compatibility with millions of wired and wireless alarm panels.

Upgrade the communication of your customer’s legacy security system’s to the latest cellular technology without having to change only the signal transmitters, while keeping all other components.

The two inputs of our device can be used for security system monitoring and sabotage detection (wire cut). In case of status changes, our device generates immediate alarms and quickly transmits the signals – in standard Contact ID format (CID codes) or via SIA DC-09 protocol – through the mobile network to the IP address of the dispatching center. Periodical life signals are provided at the configured intervals.

Safety features, input monitoring, remote control, gate opening, IO expansion.


Basic industrial wireless router with Cat.4 cellular module for applications demanding secure, high-speed connection


Full-featured, cloud-based remote dispatching & monitoring software for safety surveillance of objects and signaling of safety communicators (alarm & fire alarm transmitters, GPS trackers)


Easy-to-integrate wireless alarm signal transmitter with cellular communication

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