Technical Support

If you have a technical support request or a technical request regarding our products, their setup and use, please let us know in one of the ways listed in the Contact menu. Our engineers will contact you as soon as possible.

Product Support

Our technical customer service provides technical assistance and product support on working days. The support questions, product related problems can be reported to the following email address anytime:

The submitted report will be registered in our electronic system with a solution ticket. You will receive an email notification of the ticket status. Then our Support team will be contacting you as soon as it will be possible.

Remote Assistance (M2M Quick Support)

If you require online technical support, our technicians will assist you to solve your case by a remote access to your computer system. Therefore you have to download and launch the M2M Quick Support tool. The connection also requires a login account and password, which can be asked from our Technical Support. Then our colleague will connect to the specified IP address and provide remote assistance by taking a remote screen capture.

Error Reporting

You can send an email about an issue, which were experienced on the device by clicking here.
Your submitted notification will be registered in our Ticketing system with a unique identifier.
You will receive an e-mail notification from the registration. After that, our support will contact you as soon as it is possible and the case we will monitored closely.

Customer Service

We would like to inform you that the repair of devices, which were delivered to our Customer Service can only be carried out by the completion of the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form.
Our Warranty Policy document is also available for knowing the conditions. You can also read our Terms of Customer Service also.