Smart Metering Modems offer remote meter readout via CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB cellular networks. Upgrade your modem from 2G/3G to 4G LTE!

The heart of any remote meter reading solution is a modem that reads consumption data from the meters and sends it to a central server.

Smart Electricity Metering Modem Gateway Smart Electricity Metering Modem

Our smart meter modems are designed specifically to be fully compatible with the electric meters of flagship manufacturers (Landis, Itron, Elster/Honeywell, EMH, SAPHIR, PME-PMI).

The hardware design and software satisfies the manufacturer’s requirements, the cases are designed to fit under the terminal covers, the power consumption of the modem is optimized for the specific meter etc. Smart electricity metering has never been so easy!

Our modems can be integrated into any AMR/AMI solution easily.

WM System has supplied more the 100k modems to the biggest utilities around the world to support their smart grid initiatives.

We offer modems for electricity and water metering.

Product customization is available for our clients. Need a special protocol or port? Contact us!

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