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Connecting industrial equipment in order to collect data for monitoring systems is one of the most common ways companies can improve operational efficiency via industrial automation.

We offer smart communication devices such as gateways, industrial routers and data concentrators with multiple interfaces (RS232/RS485, Ethernet ports, micro-USB, etc.), in order to connect all types of industrial equipment. Our devices are able to communicate via common application layer IoT protocols, for example MQTT, previously known as the “SCADA protocol.”

The Device Manager® helps to manage your communication devices. You can check device availability, the quality of connections, local and mobile network health, transmission of data through the mobile networks, and more.

In factory automation, PLCs typically have a high speed connection to the SCADA system. We offer products that allow reliable and secure communications between connected industrial systems and a central server or SCADA system.

Our industrial modemsrouters or data concentrators connect to industrial devices through RS232 / RS485 or an Ethernet port and provide bi-directional communication required for industrial automation.

The modems receive Modbus TCP requests from a SCADA system and convert them to Modbus RTU protocol allowing the integration of all kinds of devices (using Modbus RTU) with SCADA systems. The devices transmit messages in transparent mode or Modbus TCP protocol via cellular networks (2G / 3G / 4G / LTE-M),  in a secure way, by using a fixed IP address. The data can then be evaluated and displayed on the client’s own system.

The IO RS485 concentrators permit to connect multiple devices (for example it provides inputs for 8, 16 or 32 meter systems or PLC devices) to a single data concentrator for maximum cost efficiency. The SCADA requests are always served periodically, according to the pre-configured value at the query server side. The inputs types can be contact, pulse or digital.

In addition, our Load Control Switch has 4 relay outputs that can be used to switch or control an external device (an engine, water pump, fan, etc.). Switching schedules can be pre-configured so they do not depend on live connection. Immediate switching is also available. The PRO4 router can be extended with 4 analog-input or 2 digital-input boards (contact, pulse)

We also offer a software solution for the remote access and management of our devices.

In the digital age, wired building automation networks quickly reach their limits in delivering sufficient and timely building data due to a lack of scalability needed to support a growing number of sensors and expanding functionalities.

Wireless building automation systems (BAS or BMS) offer a wide range of advantages over wired systems including lower cost, greater flexibility and higher reliability. In a BAS, sensors (temperature, light, occupancy, smoke/gas, lighting control etc.) and equipment (heating, HVAC etc.) are connected to a central facility management system.

Battery-operated IoT sensors become very affordable and easy to install. Aggregated at an IoT concentrator or gateway, sensor data can be transferred to the BMS via cellular networks using common protocols (MQTT, REST API).

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The remote management and maintenance of an IIoT solution can be a real challenge. Improve the network availability and operational efficiency of your fleet!

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