years of experience

IoT (Internet of Things),
M2M (machine to machine),
and more in the distribution
and development of
wireless solutions


Since 2016 we have obtained the international FIRA Platform qualification, an international sustainability certification, which illustrates that our company’s activities are conducted to satisfy international norms and standards requirements.


We have ISO 27001:2013 certification. Our company’s business processes are regulated and performed by this security standard.


Routers, DCUs

  • Industrial IoT routers
  • Data concentrators
  • Industry 4.0
  • Ethernet / RS232 / RS485
  • OpenWRT, IPSec, VPN
  • Modbus, Mbus
  • Secure boot
  • DIN-rail mounting
Industrial DIN Rail Router

DIN-rail industrial router


Advanced industrial router with high-end DCU features

IoT Router / Gateway PRO4 for Industrial Use

Industrial cellular router, gateway and data concentrator developed specifically for IoT and IIoT applications

Smart Metering Modules

  • Smart metering
  • Pulse counting
  • Safety transmission
  • Compatibility
  • RS232 / RS485 / DI
  • Supercapacitor, LastGASP
WM-E1SI Modem for Itron Meters

Cellular modem for Itron electricity meters – for LTE Cat.4, LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.M and Cat.NB networks

WM-E2S Modem for Itron Meters

Cellular modem specifically designed for the Itron ACE6000, ACE8000 and SL7000 electricity meters. Available for 2G, LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.M/Cat.NB, LTE Cat.M 450MHz networks.

WM-E2SL Modem for Landis+Gyr Meters

Cellular modem for Landis+Gyr E350, E450, E550 (type ZxG 3xx and ZxG 4xx) electricity meters – for 2G, LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB, and LTE Cat.M 450MHz networks

WM-E1S Modem for Honeywell, Elster Meters

Cellular modem for Honeywell / Elster, Itron, Landis+Gyr electricity meters. Available for LTE Cat.4, LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.4, Cat.M and Cat.NB networks

WM-E3S Modem for Elster AS smart meter family

Cellular modem specifically designed for Honeywell AS220/AS230/AS300 and AS1440, AS3000/AS3500 electricity meters. Available for LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.4, Cat.M / Cat.NB networks.


Long-life battery powered, cellular IoT data logger for water and gas metering 

Industrial Modems

  • Industrial Modems
  • Industrial Gateways
  • Industrial connectors
  • RS232 / RS485 / MBus
  • Digital Inputs
  • Supercapacitor, LastGASP
  • TLS
  • DIN-rail mounting
IoT LTE Modem PRO4

Transparent cellular modem for smart metering, remote access of utility meters, PLCs and industrial devices


External transparent modem for universal meter connection. Available for LTE Cat.1 / Cat.M / 2G networks with 450MHz support.


Universal cellular modem for industrial automation with RS232 and RS485 cable. Available for LTE Cat.1, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE Cat.M and Cat.NB networks.

IoT Smart Relays

  • Relay switch
  • E-meter connection
  • P1 (Customer Interface)
  • Cellular module
  • Industrial design
  • DIN-rail mounting

Protect your investment by adding extra relays to your smart meter for complete grid management

M2M Industrial Router Control Box

Cellular based relay switch for universal industrial applications

Welcoming Ali Mouslmani to WM Systems: A New Chapter in the META Region


Welcoming Ali Mouslmani to WM Systems: A New Chapter in the META Region

We are thrilled to announce that Ali Mouslmani has joined WM Systems as our new partner in the United Arab […]


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