WM-E1S Modem for SL7000 Meters

Cellular modem specifically designed for the Itron SL7000 electricity meters. Available for LTE Cat.1 / 2G / 3G, LTE Cat.4, Cat.M / Cat.NB networks.

Electricity meter
Smart Metering
4G / 2G fallback
FW Updates
Remote Access


All around the world mobile operators are shutting down 2G/3G networks in order to give way to 5G. Companies that operate smart meters with 2G/3G connectivity must plan the migration to the latest 4G LTE network which is well-positioned to dominate smart metering communication technologies in the upcoming years. The migration to LTE has many advantages, for example, a shorter readout time due to the high-speed network with low latency.

Utilities have two options for migration: replace the meters or upgrade the modems within their routers! The 1st option comes with a high CAPEX, while the 2nd option is a future-proof solution that reduces TCO.

Our company develops cellular modems that work smoothly and are fully compatible with the 3-phase Itron® SL7000 electricity meters. This device was designed to be fully compliant with all Itron standards.

Our cellular modems represent a future-proof migration solution to the LTE network with the same functionality, on higher data speed. Configuration and firmware updates can be done remotely, minimizing the need for costly site visits.

This external modem can be mounted on DIN-rail and connected to the meter through an RJ45 cable. The modem can be configured to “push” the read out the data (current consumption, event log, load profile) from the connected meter and send it to the HES periodically via Internet (by using an APN) at the pre-programmed intervals. Data sending can be also triggered by an alarm (e.g. power outage, cover removal event).

The modem can be accessed remotely through the cellular network. The modem can also read or modify certain parameters of the meter remotely via WM-E Term® configuration software.


Main features

  • Wireless module order options:
    • 4G LTE Cat.4 / 3G / 2G
    • 4G LTE Cat.1 – 2G or 2G/3G “fallback”
    • LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB with optional 2G “fallback”
  • External modem in a compact design (separated from the meter)
  • It can be fastened securely by its DIN-rail adapter
  • AC power supply from the meter’s mains connector (by 57/100V AC phase voltage or 230/400V AC line voltage)
  • RS232 meter connection (RJ45)
  • Compatibility with the Itron® SL7000 electricity meters
  • IEC 62056-21 protocol, transparent mode
  • CSData call
  • Optional „push” mode (FTP, IEC or SMS triggered)
  • Supercapacitor option (for power outage), LastGASP notification
  • Remote & safe firmware updates, WM-E Term® configuration tool
  • Device Manager® software (order option)



  • Utility companies
  • Meter data transmission to HES
  • Smart metering
  • Industrial measurement

Design and outfit

  • External modem, compact design (separated from meter)
  • It can be fastened securely by its DIN-rail adapter
  • RS232 / RS485 interface (1m long RJ45 cable for the meter connection / modem configuration)
  • AC power by meter via pigtail connector (57.7 / 100V phase voltage or 230/400V line voltage)
  • External SMA antenna interface (50 Ohm)



  • Itron® SL7000 electricity meters



  • IEC 62056-21 protocol, transparent data transmission
  • „Push” mode (FTP or IEC sending, SMS triggered)
  • CSData call, TLS encryption (optional)
  • Immediate alarm SMS notification (LastGASP power loss)


Accessories (order options)

  • External SMA antenna (50 Ohm)
  • 35mm DIN-rail adapter (by anodized aluminum with spring steel wire)
  • Supercapacitor (for LastGASP SMS notification in case of power outage, status changes)
  • WM-E Term® software (mass FW updates, actualization of settings)
  • You can manage the device by Device Manager® software


Technical data

WM-E1S SL 7000 MODEM WITH AC POWER – LTE Cat.1 module options with 2G or 2G / 3G “fallback”, LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB modules with optional 2G “fallback”

WM-E1S SL7000

WM-E1S SL 7000 MODEM WITH AC POWER – LTE Cat.4 / 3G / 2G module options

WM-E1S SL7000

Product Datasheet – LTE Cat.1 module options with 2G or 2G / 3G “fallback”, LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB modules with optional 2G “fallback”

Product Datasheet – LTE Cat.4 module options with 2G or 2G / 3G “fallback”, LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB modules with optional 2G “fallback”

Quick Reference Guide

User Manual

WM-E Term User Manual

WM-E Term configuration tool

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The remote management and maintenance of an IIoT solution can be a real challenge. Improve the network availability and operational efficiency of your fleet!

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