Remote Control Solutions for Public Street Lighting

The option to remotely control public lighting systems is extremely beneficial. Besides providing better lighting service to citizens, it allows operators to optimize maintenance and energy costs.

Our products allow the automated remote control of a public street lighting system by on-demand operation, scheduled switching, or manual control, On/Off power dimming, and sophisticated programming.

We offer products that, when installed inside the existing feeder pillar cabinets, can control street lights by controlling the supplied power to the street light power cable(s).  The lights can also be dimmed by lowering the supply voltage. The groups of street lights can be controlled according to reference light sensor(s), by clock and calendar, or manually through a management platform.

Operate the lighting system by remote relay control of the street lamps through the switching cabinet. Configure, manage, and monitor your lamps groups from the head-end (HES) center. Features include monitoring, supervision, and reports.

M2M Industrial Router Control Box

Cellular based relay switch for universal industrial applications

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