IoT Cellular Router LTE Cat.4

Basic IoT router for safety camera, CCTV camera with LTE Cat.4 module

Wireless router
Wireless router
4G LTE access
4x Ethernet
Solar management
C-rail mount
C-rail mount
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A compact, robust cellular router for safety surveillance application.

Cost effective solution for secure, stable mobile connection of CCTV and IP cameras, surveillance systems even in harsh conditions. A high-quality, rugged communication device designed for use in safety and security applications.

The ideal product for gathering still images, video stream from safety cameras and sending them to a remote dispatcher center, securely, over high-speed cellular networks.

It comes with Ethernet interface, networking protocols and management functions. 

More than 100.000 units have been sold around the world. 



  • Transparent & secure wireless safety transmitting (still images, video stream)
  • Operating System: OpenWrt
  • Interfaces: Ethernet port (RJ45; 10/100 Mbit, Ethernet LAN), MicroUSB, MicroSD (for data storage)
  • Protocols: DHCP, DynDNS, IP Route, IPv4/IPv6, FTP, SFTP, SNTP time handlink, NTP time service, SSHv2, HTTP, IPsec, OpenVPN, IP passthrough
  • LTE Cat.4 communication module (100/50 Mbit DL/UL speed rate)
  • User Interfaces: WebGUI/LuCi interface, OpenWrt operation system
  • Configuration:OpenWrt web interface; optionally our Device Manager
  • Management: Device Manager (AES-256 encrypted)
  • Power: 12V, 1A power supply (9-12V), microfit 4-pin 
  • Enclosure/Casing: rugged, robust, IP51 industrial aluminium



m2m device manager



Technical details

Industrial design

  • IP51 aluminum enclosure, mount to C-rail



  • CCTV and IP cameras
  • Surveillance systems

OpenWrt® system

  • Web user interface
  • Protocols: DHCP, DynDNS, IP route, NAT, IPv4/IPv6, FTP, SFTP, SNTP/NTP, SSHv2, HTTP, GRE, mGRE, IP passthrough, Firewall, IPSec, OpenVPN


Accessories (order options)

  • 12V DC power adapter
  • External antenna
  • C-rail adapter
  • You can manage the router by the Device Manager® software (order option)


Technical data



Product Datasheet

User Manual

Firmware (2020-11-02)

Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity – RoHS Declaration 

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