The remote management and maintenance of an IIoT solution can be a real challenge. Improve the network availability and operational efficiency of your fleet!

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Device Manager is a solution for remote device and gateway management which allows faster deployment and guarantees the secure and proper functioning of IoT devices after they have been deployed.

Our remote device management solution offers state-of-the-art management functionalities including rapid device onboarding with bulk provisioning, easy administration, in-depth visibility of device status, its performance metrics and security issues, logical groupings of devices into hierarchical structures for mass software and firmware updates.

Microsoft Windows-based application hosted on-premise for high security and continuous remote management of IoT devices (routers, modems etc.).  Ideal for enterprise or government deployments with strict ICT policies.


Optimized for Large Scale Enterprise Deployments 

Full-fledged monitoring solution, by design optimized for enterprise device management – with features highly appreciated by our utility clients and telco partners. For example, it automatically imports user access control and permissions from Microsoft Active Directory for authentication. Designed to allow easy addition of new communication servers it provides maximum scalability.

Most industrial IoT deployments involve a huge number of devices. Large scale operations like these have to be optimized in order to allow faster time-to-market. The time spent on the deployment of each device adds up.

Our devices can be ordered with the Device Manager application pre-configured, so as soon as they are connected they are available in the remote management platform. Deployment time can be reduced from 15-20 min per device to 1-2 minutes.

The application uses proprietary protocol optimized for low data transfers and maximum security. Other standard magement purpose protocols such as TR-069, SNMP, LwM2M are also available in case needed. Each device is secured with unique AES-256 encryption. 

If you’re looking for specific features or custom integration with ERP, CRM or other enterprise systems, please, consult us about possible customization.


Main Features

  • Compatibility with all our devices
  • Monitoring of devices (availability, cellular network’s signal strength, QoS, life signals, device performance)
  • Device messages, alerts and events
  • Central storage of device configuration, easy reconfiguration (in database)
  • Managing remote device operations (restart, factory reset, firmware upgrade, time setting)
  • Periodic reports, statistics
  • Usage of fixed / dynamic IP addresses
  • AES encryption, TLS certificate keys values
  • User- and device management

Technical details

Main Features

  • Manage wireless routers, modems of Customers
  • Monitoring and maintenance of devices for sites and users



  • Cyclical checking the availability- and QoS of devices: communication health and signal strength of the network, life signals


Device configuration

  • Storage of current configuration of each device into the database
  • Singular or mass re-configuration of devices by remotely
  • Deployment of a new configuration for a group of modems, routers


Device Management

  • Managing remote device operations: restart, factory reset, firmware upgrade, time setting


Alarms, Events, Reports

  • Device messages, events, alarm events
  • Event record, history
  • Periodic reports and statistics



  • Unique communication protocol
  • AES-256 encrypted data exchange
  • TLS certification keys


Supported systems

  • M2M Router®, M2M Router PRO4® routers
  • WM-E1S®, WM-E2S® metering modems
  • The application is compatible with the Microsoft Windows® operating systems and Active Directory®

Ask our sales about the conditions of usage.


Product Datasheet

User Manual

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