Full-featured, cloud-based remote dispatching & monitoring software for safety surveillance of objects and signaling of safety communicators (alarm & fire alarm transmitters, GPS trackers)

Safety transmit
GSM transmitters
GPS trackers
Dispatching center
QoS monitoring

By using the SIMS Cloud® software you can have a full-featured, safe, remote monitoring and dispatching service without significant initial costs or hardware investment!

The multifunctional SIMS® platform is suitable for collecting and evaluating the communication and events of receivers, safety communicators and alarm centers of various manufacturers.

The system processes the incoming communication – from the traditional communicators (analog phone line), alarm systems, conventional radio receivers, GSM/GPRS communicators – regardless of the communication protocol used by the connected devices. Optionally, it is also able to receive data from IP receivers, GPS trackers.

The  fast and modern interface is continuously evaluating and displaying the incoming data, events, and life signs – to provide information to make important decisions in time (acknowledgment, intervention, initiate provision).

This cost-effective solution helps and makes easier the daily work of the dispatch center’s employees. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware, receivers.

Traditional radio receivers can be connected onto this cloud-based service, thus you don’t even need to use your current management software anymore.

Furthermore, by choosing our solution, we provide a full-featured service (the technical background is located in a safe data center environment with separated and reliable data storage).

The SIMS Cloud® is available at reasonable monthly fee – where you will pay for the active/used connections only.

The base functions of the system can also be accessed remotely from anywhere (web version) – with internet connection, after authorization.




  • Cost effective solution – dispatch center operation without investment of new hardware/software
  • The clients can connect their current devices to the server (devices which are using analog, GSM, IP, GPRS or RFID / aGPS technology). It is not necessary to buy new devices.
  • Connection of devices to the system can be performed remotely*
  • Reliable and safe – data center and server background, encrypted data storage
  • Quick creation of the dispatch workplace
  • Dispatching and monitoring service from anywhere – is accessible through Internet connection
  • Low-cost license fee – by the number of connections you are currently using



  • former M2M Easy Communicator® family
  • M2M Easy 2 Security Communicator® family
  • 3rd party manufacturers IP-receivers and radio receiver systems
  • Our personal GPS trackers
  • Protocol: Contact ID (CID), SIA, SIA DC9, Shurgard 2/3/5



  • User-friendly, modern visualization
  • Map layer, life signals, events, provisioning, reports


Reliability and Safety

  • 99.99 percentage availability – the MasterDC Data Center located system is available on redundant Dell® and Intel® high-end servers, high-speed network environment
  • Robust and failover technology – redundant safety against data loss
  • Geo-redundant data storage and path, frequent system backups, quickly recoverable system
  • Encrypted storage in the safe cloud environment on central database server
  • Over 100 thousands of connected and configured objects in the system
  • Over 10 years of maintanance experience, 7 x 24 support
  • The system has the highest level of data security certifications which are defined by the EU (EN ISO 9001: 2009, ISO / IEC 27001: 2006)
  • The data center accomplishes with the strict Tier 3 technology standard, including the continuous physical security inside the building, safety camera system and fire-defense sytems.


Software versions

  • SIMS® Web client – limited functionality, browser-based remote monitoring & dispatching
  • SIMS Cloud® client software – cloud-based full-featured Microsoft Windows® 7 / 8 /10 application (requirements: min. 4 GB memory, 50 MB disk space, Microsoft® .Net Framework 4, browser, public or private Internet access)

* The connectivity depends on the communication protocol of the device which you attempted to connect. You should consult our technical stuff before trying to connect a new device.

SIMS Cloud® is the property and development of SW SIMS safety, s.r.o., the copyright of the product is maintained by the author. The product can be licensed in the current country under a License Agreement with the partner company, through WM Systems LLC, Hungary.

Product Datasheet

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