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Land-line based security systems are the past. They are more expensive to operate and less secure than modern cellular-based security systems. No need to replace the whole system, only the signal transmitter module. Upgrade to cellular today.

The EASY2s is our reliable able cellular alarm signal transmitter and remote input monitoring device for security systems. It is suitable for both alarm signaling, input monitoring (through its I/Os) and can even be used to control connected devices (like gates) remotely.

The communicator receives the incoming alarm signals from connected security sensors through the tip-ring plug and transmits alarm signals to the security monitoring or dispatch center through the SIA DC09 (Contact ID) protocol. The device can be configured remotely using our EasyTerm config tool, or via SMS messages.

It emits periodic life signals and provides detection and notification capabilities of wire cut sabotage. The output line can be switched remotely (for gate opening, device control).

Alarms or events can be configured to send immediate SMS notification (up to 4 phone numbers). The device can be ordered with 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE Cat.M cellular modules.



  • Retrofit your land-line security system with our cellular alarm transmitter so you will not need to replace the whole system to have a future-proof solution
  • Use it as backup alarm transmission channel (GSM voice or data)
  • Connect external devices you would like to control remotely
  • Extend the system with further I/Os (due the optional expansion PCB)
  • Connect an extra siren, a spare battery pack, or a sabotage switch to the device and provide thus the highest level of safety for your home, office, company

Technical details


  • 2G /3G / 4G / LTE Cat.M cellular networks (Telit® modems)
  • GSM voice (for traditional dispatch centers)



  • PCB version with fixation lags (for easy fit to housing, optional safety metal box)
  • 2pcs isolated digital inputs (operation mode selection by jumpers)
    • voltage (high level: 5-24V, low level: 0-1V)
    • contact (0.3-1mA)
    • detection of wire cut, short sabotage
  • 1pc relay output (remote switch: 2A-120VAC, 1A-24VDC)
  • Simulated analog phone line (ALARM TIP-RING) input for alarm centers
  • Power/battery connector (8-24VDC, 800mA – terminal block)
  • micro-USB port (configuration, firmware refresh)
  • SMA-M antenna connector (50 Ohm)
  • Push insert-SIM card bay


Software features

  • Receiving alarm system signals and event CID code generating, providing life signals
  • Wireless alarm signaling for dispatch center (analog GSM voice up to 4 phone lines)
  • Wireless alarm signaling for IP adresses (primary, backup server)
  • Handling zones, events
  • Voltage/contact input line change signaling (input line status changes)
  • Output switch/Gate control with delay (by local, SMS commands, by calling/ringing, TCP)
  • Massive contact list for output control
  • Advanced alarm SMS text notification (reports, IO status, alarms)
  • Voice call/ringing alarm notification (up to 4 phone numbers)
  • Without alarm center, it is also able to generate Contact ID codes (answer to input line signal changes)
  • Compatibility with SIA DTMF / SIA DC-09 protocol, IP receivers, SIMS Cloud® software



  • EasyTerm® parameter configuration software (Windows® is supported)
    • Configuration (serial port, SMS text commands, TCP/IP
    • Firmware refresh/configuration download/upload (serial port, Ftp)
    • Remote access (TCP)
  • Operation status LEDs



  • Watchdog (monitoring and auto recovery)
  • Configuration settings locally stored
  • Backup/spare battery connection
  • Siren connection (input line)
  • Wire cut, short circuit and sabotage detection



  • M2M Easy 2S® (module order options)
  • 5V micro-USB cable (for configuration, updates) – optional
  • Communication antenna (gained, SMA) – according to module selection
  • Battery pack, battery charger, power supply – optional
  • Safety box (optional by order)
  • EasyTerm® configuration software


 Technical data



Product Datasheet

Quick Guide

Installation Manual

FTDI driver for EasyTerm USB connection (Win XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10)

Software – EasyTerm 1.3.5

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