External transparent modem for universal meter connection. Available for LTE Cat.1 / Cat.M / 2G networks with 450MHz support.

Electricity metering
Wireless access
Current Loop
FW Updates
Remote Access

A compact and cost-effective modem for connecting meters, sensors into the AMI and Smart Grid infrastructure.

Our cellular modem has been designed specifically for the automatic readout of meters. It can be installed as a universal external modem and can be connected to any meter type.

With this device you can connect any kinds of meters, industrial measurement systems, sensors with a central server by creating a transparent data link between them and the HES. The device can be ordered with various cellular module types.

Read consumption data from utility meters, sensors with a single modem! You can save money by using our modem, because there is no need further for manual readout of the meter systems, measurement environments.

The modem is equipped with several interfaces to connect multiple industrial equipment through the RS232 / RS485 port, CL (current loop), DI (2 digital inputs), a secondary RS485 interface and optional Mbus port (request of ports by order).

Our device is suitable for remote readout of registers, consumption data of connected meters.

The modem is configurable by our WM-E Term® software.


Main features

  • Wireless module options:
    • 4G LTE Cat.1 / 450MHz with 2G “fallback”
    • LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB / 450MHz with 2G “fallback”
  • AC or DC power supply
  • Physical interfaces:
    • RJ45: RS232 and RS485 (4-wire)
    • Terminal block:
      • Secondary RS485 port (2-wire) -optional
      • CL (current loop)
      • DI (2 digital inputs)
      • Mbus master for max. 4 slaves (optional)
  • Compatible with any meter
  • Surge protection (up to 4kV)
  • Tamper switch for detecting the absence of the cover
  • Supercapacitor option (for power outage notification)
  • Enclosure/Casing: IP52 plastic (according to DIN 43861 part 2), sealable
  • Built-in 35mm DIN-rail mount
  • Embedded, realtime operation system
  • Transparent communication
  • Remote & safe firmware updates
  • Configuration: WM-E Term software; optionally by Device Manager



Design and outfit

  • IP52 plastic enclosure, sealable port cover / DIN-rail mountable
  • RJ45 connector: RS232 and RS485 (4-wire) connection
  • Terminal block:
    • Secondary RS485 port (2-wire) – order option
    • CL (current loop – IEC1107, Mode C)
    • DI (2 logical inputs)
    • Mbus for max. 4 slaves (order option)
  • AC or DC power supply
  • External antenna connector (SMA or FAKRA, 50 Ohm) – order option



  • Universal external modem, compatible with any meter type



  • Transparent communication
  • Immediate alarm notification (power loss, input changes)


Accessories (order options)

  • RJ45 connection cable (RS232, RS485)
  • RS232-USB adapter for configuration
  • SMA  antenna (50 Ohm)
  • WM-E Term® configuration software (mass fw updates, actualization of settings)


Technical data

WM-E8S Modem with RS232/RS485 port, CL (Current Loop) interface, DI (2 digital inputs)


WM-E8S Modem with RS232/RS485 port, Alternative RS485 port, CL (Current Loop) interface, DI (2 digital inputs)


WM-E8S Modem with RS232/RS485 port, MBus port, CL (Current Loop) interface, DI (2 digital inputs)


Datasheet – WM-E8S Modem with RS232/RS485 port / CL (Current Loop) interface / DI (2 digital inputs)

Datasheet – WM-E8S Modem with RS232/RS485 port / Alternative RS485 port / CL (Current Loop) interface / DI (2 digital inputs)

Datasheet – WM-E8S Modem with RS232/RS485 port / MBus port (for max. 4 slaves) / CL (Current Loop) interface / DI (2 digital inputs)

WM-E8S User Manual

WM-E8S Quick Reference Guide

WM-E Term User Manual

WM-E Term Appendix

WM-E Term configuration tool

Factory configuration sample file for WM-E Term (compressed CFG file)

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