WM Systems at MEE2023

WM Systems is a renowned IoT, IIoT / M2M technology company based in Hungary, Europe.

With 21 years of experience in cellular network connectivity, a team of ambitious researchers and engineers, we provide a wide portfolio of ODM products – with wide variety of interfaces, protocols.

We design, develop and manufacture professional, reliable, high-quality IoT communication solutions. We are flexibly customizing our products for industrial customers’ requirements.

We’ve sold more than 800.000 IoT devices in more than 30 countries.



Tailor made, robust IoT solutions for utilities and various market verticals such as Smart Metering, Industry 4.0, Remote Machine Monitoring, Smart Grid, etc.

Smart metering modems, industrial modems, M2M / IoT routers, DCUs, Street light switches, Device Management platform, and more.

The shutdown of 3G and 2G networks has put many meters at risk of obsolescence due to outdated modems. The high cost of meter replacement can be avoided by upgrading to a 4G or Cat.M retrofit smart modem. Contact us for more information on how to keep your meters operational and upgrade to the latest technology.



We have a long-time synergy with some of the biggest brands in the industry. Our industrial networking products, metering modems are being used by the biggest players of the target segments.



■ ISO 9001

■ ISO 27001

■ Dun & Bradstreet, AAA



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