LTE Cat.M1/NB2 Data Logger for Smart Water Metering

Low power mobile data logger – pulse signal counter, M-Bus data collector and Cat.M1 / NB2 transmitter – for smart water metering with long-life battery

Wireless transmitter
Wireless transmitter
Water metering
Water metering
Utility meters
Utility meters
Cat.M1/NB2, 2G
Pulse input
Pulse signal input
Pulse input
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Our 3rd generation low-power cellular pulse signal counter and data logger with a built-in cellular modem for smart water and gas metering.

Automated water meter readings with customizable breakdowns, leak detection and prevention. Detection of water leakages to avoid flooding, non-revenue water for more accurate billing, optimization of operating costs, and improvement of water supply reliability.

Remote data collection via the pulse output (S0) or M-bus. Data is sent through LTE NB-IoT / NB2 / Cat.M1, and LTE450 cellular networks to a central server or HES (Head-end System).

This smart water metering device has a standalone and intermittent operation.

It reads and counts the consumption data (pulse signals or M-Bus data) of the connected meters in „sleep mode” and saves the data to the local storage. Then it wakes up at pre-configured intervals to transmit the stored data using MQTT or LwM2M protocol, plain TCP/IP packets or JSON, XML format.

The device has an IP67 waterproof sealed housing. The installation is easy, which is supported by operation LED lights to indicate proper functioning.

Optionally, add-on boards can be attached to the mainboard to extend the capabilities (e.g. more inputs, M-Bus connection, etc).

The modem has a special internal battery which provides energy for more than 5-10 years.

With the over-the-air (OTA) protocol, the device can be configured and the firmware can be updated remotely without the need to send experts to the field.


Main Features

  • Continuous pulse signal / M-Bus data collection, counting
  • Scheduled data sending via LTE Cat.M and Cat.NB network
  • TCP/IP data sending (protocol and format by user selection)
  • Safe local storage of consumption data
  • Security alerts for detecting: top cover removal, motion, leak or excessive flow, battery capacity
  • IP67 waterproof design, operation LEDs for installation
  • Add-on boards (order option)
  • Internal battery for more than 5 years of lifetime
  • External flash for data storage (order option)
  • WM-E Term configuration software



Technical details


  • Autonomous, automated and intermittent operation
  • Safe local storage of consumption data (SHA-256 security hash algorythm)
  • Data storage and sending intervals can be pre-configured
  • Message can be sent using MQTT or LwM2M protocols, plain TCP/IP packets or JSON, XML format



  • Universal connection for energy meters, sensors for pulse signal capable meters, wired M-Bus meters (optional hardware add-on)
  • Internal serial connection (for local configuration)
  • DC powered internal battery (external DC power usage option)
  • External antenna with coaxial cable
  • Internal micro SIM (3FF)



  • IP67 protected, sealable enclosure with fasteners
  • Optional add-on board (for meter manufacturer compatibility)
  • External flash for data storage (up to 128MByte – order option)
  • Safety features: alert notification of tamper switch, acceleration sensor, battery status


Technical data



Quick Guide

User Manual

MQTT Protocol Description

WM-E Term v1.3.51 configuration software

Sample Configuration file for WM-E Term