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Router Security for Critical Infrastructure


Digital technologies are providing utilities with a wide range of operational and optimization opportunities. In particular, adding intelligent sensors and processing platforms enables smart metering which allows utilities to monitor their systems in real-time.

The ultimate guide to design reliable, secure, cost-efficient AMI solution for utilities


Smart metering is a digital technology that enables utilities to streamline their activities, reduce operational costs, wastage, and outages.

Router DCUs for smart metering


A router DCU is an electronic device that delivers a combination of hardware and software functions to support smart metering and automation.

Challenges of Smart Water Metering


With growing pressure to conserve limited water resources, smart metering provides the utilities with the opportunity to streamline their water distribution processes through data-driven decisions.

Smart Public Lighting


Street lights are vital components of urban infrastructures. By illuminating the streets, roads, pavements, and other public spaces during the night, the lighting provides a safe and comfortable environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

The best industrial routers in 2020


Which are the key factors for Industrial IoT (IIoT) projects abd IoT applicationM Check our article!

AMI for Utilities


Most important features of an AMI system

IoT Communication Technologies for Smart Water Metering


NB-IoT offers the best communication solution for smart water meters

Private LTE 450 Networks for AMI


The LTE 450MHz private network provides a more secure and reliable technology for the utilities systems and data

Communication Technologies in Smart Metering


Is the cellular NB-IoT network the best communication way for your smart meter infrastructure?


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