Revolutionizing Industrial Connectivity: The Industrial DIN Rail Router


In the rapidly evolving world of industrial automation and IoT, the demand for compact, versatile, and efficient communication solutions is at an all-time high. Enter the Industrial DIN Rail Router – a game-changer in the realm of modular connectivity.



At the heart of the Industrial DIN Rail Router‘s design is its unmatched modularity. Unlike traditional products confined to limited functions, this router is a standard 1-module wide, fitting perfectly in modular product housings. This compact design doesn’t sacrifice functionality; it encapsulates complex data concentrator features and supports LTE / Cat.M Internet modules within its small frame.


Customizable Interfaces for Diverse Needs

Flexibility is key in industrial environments, and the Industrial DIN Rail Router excels in this regard. It supports an array of user interfaces like RS232, RS485/Modbus, Ethernet, and Digital Input. This versatility allows for multiple port usage, ensuring it meets diverse industrial requirements. Moreover, its design accommodates an infinite number of routers side-by-side on a single DIN rail, ensuring space efficiency without compromising cable and antenna management or LED readability.


Compact Size, Powerful Capabilities

Where most companies can only fit a simple circuit breaker, modem, or basic PLC device in a standard 1M size, the Industrial DIN Rail Router packs a potent combination of complex functionalities into its compact design. This feat is particularly impressive considering its data concentration capabilities and inclusion of an LTE/Cat.M internet module.


Technical Superiority

The router is not just about its compact size and modularity. It boasts industry-standard interfaces and protocols, making it suitable for a range of applications like industrial automation and smart metering. Features like Ethernet, RS232, RS485 ports, and a DI interface, combined with an IP31 plastic modular casing, make it a robust choice for industrial environments.


Connectivity and Security

Our Industry 4.0 standard solution is operating on the Linux-based OpenWRT® system and compatible with the Device Manager® platform, the router ensures secure and efficient connectivity.

It supports usual network protocols and more, offering secure protocol connection such as TLS v1.2, while the latest secure access options as HTTPS, SFTP SNTP, SSH, SSL are there for you.

The secure TLS option during the router and Device Manager® communication adds an extra layer of security.


Transparent data link and simultaneous data collection from various presented ports are implemented due to the data concentration feature, furthermore the remote configuration and remote firmware updates are also accessible.



This router is not just a product; it’s a solution. Its applications range from industrial automation, smart grid, and utility companies to smart metering, addressing the needs of various sectors with its innovative design and advanced features.



The Industrial DIN Rail Router stands out in the market with its unique blend of modularity, compact design, and comprehensive functionalities.

It’s more than just a router; it’s a testament to innovative engineering, designed to meet the demands of modern industrial environments.

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