WM-E Term

Configuration software for WM-Ex electricity metering modems and WM-I3 pulse counter and data logger device

Villanyóra modemek
Smart Metering
RS232 / RS485
Firmware frissítések
Távoli elérés

Our configuration software is running on Windows® operating system, which is primarily suitable for local readout (serial port) or remote readout (TCP or CSD connection) of the parameters of the connected consumption metering modem.

Also useful for modification of the pre-configured settings of the modem.

Over these, the most important benefit of the software is the ability to update the firmware on the modems.

The downloadable software is free to use for the purchased modems.


Compatible with:

  • WM-E1S modem (for Honeywell® / Elster® Alpha A1500, A1700, A1800, A1140, A1160 meters)
  • WM-E1SI modem (for Itron® ACE6000, ACE8000 and SL7000 electricity meters)
  • WM-E1SL modem (for Landis+Gyr® E350, E450 electricity meters)
  • WM-E1S SAPHIR modem (for Saphir® electricity meters)
  • WM-E2S modem (for Itron® SL7000, ACE6000, ACE 8000 electricity meters)
  • WM-E2SL modem (for Landis+Gyr® E550 electricity meters)
  • WM-E2S PME-PMI modem (for PME-PMI® electricity meters)
  • WM-E3S modem (for Honeywell® / Elster® AS220, AS230, AS300, AS1440/AS1460, A3000/A3500 meters)
  • WM-E3 MBUS modem (for Mbus version) / WM-E3Q ETH modem (with Ethernet connection)
  • WM-E8S modem for universal meters – to any kind of meter
  • WM-I3® pulse counter device, which is connecting via LwM2M protocol or through the serial port



  • Mass configuration of modems
  • Remote reconfiguration of factory parameters
  • Updating the firmware of the modem device
  • IEC meter settings
  • RS485 compatibility settings
  • APN, GPRS and other cellular network settings
  • Management of encryption keys (TLS, CA, CERT, AES)
  • Time management and calendar settings
  • Watchdog settings (for monitoring of device operation)
  • DLMS compatibility settings
  • Setting of alarm messages (loss of power supply (Last GASP), input status changes)
  • Readout of current modem status
  • Device Manager compatibility settings


  • WM-Ex electricity meter modems
  • WM-I3 pulse counter device
  • It is capable of encrypting the connection
  • Compatible with the Device Manager® remote management software



  • Serial port (RS232/RS485) communication
  • Optical communication (in case of compatible meters)
  • CSData data call (2G) support
  • Scheduled data transmission or alarm-triggered data sending
  • TCP/IP connection for remote access



  • LED settings, Mbus and SNMP parameter settings
  • Internet module firmware replacement, bulk device firmware replacement
  • User management (access levels, individual passwords)
  • Multilingual interface
  • Event log

Product Datasheet

WM-E Term User Manual (for every modem type)

WM-E Term User Manual (for WM-E2S, WM-E2L and E57C WM modem types only)

WM-E Term Appendix

WM-E Term configuration tool

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