Small-scale Deployable, Cost-effective Industrial IoT Router with Data Concentrator functionality


In the fast-evolving landscape of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), establishing a robust IT infrastructure can be a daunting task for industrial service providers and infrastructure operators. The need to collect and transmit data from various locations has led to the use of mobile internet routers. However, the complexity of connecting multiple devices, along with the high costs and technical challenges involved, has called for an innovative solution.


At WM Systems, engineers have developed a cutting-edge industrial DIN rail LTE router with data concentrator capabilities, solving the existing issues and setting new standards for cost-effective and efficient industrial IoT connectivity.



Efficiency Redefined

The new industrial LTE router revolutionizes the way data is collected and transmitted, offering a plethora of benefits to service providers and operators. Let’s explore how it transforms the landscape of industrial connectivity.

  1. Simplified Installation and Operation

Gone are the days of grappling with multiple devices, converters, cables, and power supplies. With our compact router, a single device is all you need for seamless installation. The DIN rail-mountable design takes up just a few centimeters of space, making it ideal for control cabinets and electrical distribution boards. Configuration and operation are now streamlined, ensuring ease of use for any level of expertise.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness Unleashed

Say goodbye to costly procurement and separate contracts for various devices. Our industrial router’s modular design enables multiple units to be installed side by side, saving space and costs. Malfunctioning and maintenance complications are significantly reduced, alleviating the burden on service providers and improving overall efficiency.


  1. Embracing Diversity

Our router boasts various industrial interfaces and data concentrator capabilities, catering to a wide range of M2M and IoT applications. It seamlessly connects industrial devices, energy meters, and sensors, allowing for remote reading of multiple industrial systems and centralized data transmission.


Technical Excellence

Let’s delve into the technical prowess of our industrial LTE router, engineered to excel in industrial and metering environments.



Industry-Standard Interfaces

The router features a comprehensive array of industry-standard interfaces and protocols, making it the perfect fit for Industrial Automation and Smart Metering. Ethernet, RS232, RS485 ports, and a DI (Digital Input) interface provide seamless connections to your devices.


OpenWRT® Operating System

Powered by the open-source, Linux-based OpenWRT® operating system, our router is designed for maximum flexibility and customizability. Experience unparalleled control over your industrial IoT infrastructure.


Enhanced Security

Data privacy and protection are paramount. Opt for a secure TLS v1.2 connection during communication between the router and our Device Manager® platform to safeguard your valuable information.


Customize Your Connectivity

To cater to your specific needs, we offer a range of cellular module options, ensuring that you stay connected without compromise.

  • LTE Cat.4 / 3G / 2G: The ideal choice for reliable, high-speed connectivity.
  • LTE Cat.1 / 2G or LTE Cat.1 / 3G / 2G: Optimize your connectivity based on location and requirements.
  • LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB: Experience unparalleled versatility with fallback options, including 450MHz and 2G.



Unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0 and IIoT with our innovative small-scale deployable industrial IoT router.

Simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency with our cost-effective solution. Embrace the future of industrial connectivity today!

WM Systems is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to transform the way you connect, communicate, and succeed. Discover a world of possibilities with our industrial LTE router. Get in touch with our team to elevate your industrial IoT capabilities to new heights.

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