Data concentrators (or DCUs) have an important role in a variety of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. They collect and aggregate data from multiple industrial devices which can be sent to central management systems.

A data concentrator is the backbone of modern Automated Metering Infrastructures (or AMI) and industrial automation projects. Our multi-protocol data concentrator units (DCU) are capable of collecting data from industrial systems through RS485/ModBus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Mbus and wireless Mbus meters as well as from sensors through multiple I/O interfaces. Data transmission can be done by a cellular mobile network (LTE / Cat.M / Narrow Band). A single DCU + a router/modem can be a very cost-effective solution for monitoring up to 16 industrial devices (electricity/water/gas meters, sensors, etc. ).

Our data concentrators can be connected to all kinds of industrial equipment. We offer customization of our products making it possible for our clients to use them with a combination of IT and OT protocols.


Data concentrator with MBus feature for smart metering application and industrial automation

IIoT I/O & RS485 Data Concentrator 16DI

16 channel isolated digital I/O concentrator for industrial automation, smart metering and building automation

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