The ultimate guide to design reliable, secure, cost-efficient AMI solution for utilities

Smart metering is a digital technology that enables utilities to streamline their activities, reduce operational costs, wastage, and outages. Initially designed for the electric grid, the technology is suitable for others such as water and gas utilities, decentralized power generation and distribution companies, and more.  Usually, the metering system integrates different technologies to empower utilities …

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Router DCUs for smart metering

A router DCU is an electronic device that delivers a combination of hardware and software functions to support smart metering and automation. Usually, smart metering provides real-time data that allows utilities or Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and consumers to understand their water or electricity usage and other important data such as quality and outages. However, …

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Challenges of Smart Water Metering

With growing pressure to conserve limited water resources, smart metering provides the utilities with the opportunity to streamline their water distribution processes through data-driven decisions. The smart water metering enables the utilities to automatically collect consumption data, eliminate manual meter reading, improve efficiency and save costs. It also provides an opportunity to detect leaks and …

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Smart Public Lighting

Street lights are vital components of urban infrastructures. By illuminating the streets, roads, pavements, and other public spaces during the night, the lighting provides a safe and comfortable environment for both drivers and pedestrians. In particular, they enable people to see during the night hence preventing accidents, attacks, and criminal activities.  As towns continue to …

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AMI for Utilities

The integration of new technological features is changing the dynamics of business operations and offering new values to the customers. The same phenomena is also unfolding in the power utilities market place; with the maturing of the concept of smart grids capable of two-way communications. During the recent past, several utilities have adopted the Advanced …

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IoT Communication Technologies for Smart Water Metering

Smart water solutions are enhancing the efficiency of utilities operations all over the world.  Technologies such as smart water metering provide detailed, up-to-date and relevant analytics on water consumption for both the consumer and the utility provider. Unlike standard flow meters, smart water meters measure and monitor near real-time consumption patterns. This helps utilities regulate …

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Private LTE 450 Networks for AMI

As wireless technologies advance, most cellular network operators are increasingly moving towards higher frequencies and phasing out the 450 MHz spectrum. Utilities and other companies can now use the freed frequency band to build private networks that would provide them with cost-effective and reliable connectivity. By moving to their dedicated communication networks, water, gas, and …

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